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Top Tips

  1. For consistent cleaning, brush your teeth and gums at the same time every day, e.g. after breakfast and before going to bed. Supervise children under seven.

  2. Only use the recommended amount of toothpaste and ensure all teeth and gums are cleaned thoroughly. You can use different sized inter-dental brushes to clean plaque from inaccessible areas.

  3. Make a special effort to quit smoking. Smoking is a major cause of preventable death and oral problems include bad breath, stained teeth, tooth loss and oral cancer. Your dentist can advise.

  4. Change your toothbrush every three months and make sure to floss at least once a day.

  5. Take time to read the sugar content of your food and drink and reduce intake of high sugar content foods. Keep snacks between meals to low-sugar or sugar-free foods.

  6. Remember there is a relationship between oral health and general health and ask your dentist if a visit to your medical practitioner is appropriate.

  7. Make a resolution to visit your dentist regularly so that small problems can be resolved before they become bigger, more complicated and expensive.

  8. If you decide to whiten your teeth, make sure to discuss with your dentist who can ensure safe and professional teeth whitening under the care of a qualified dental practitioner.

  9. Arrange preventative fissure sealants for children reaching the age of six or seven as directed by your dentist. Follow up at six or twelve months intervals.

  10. If you notice ulcers or lumps in your mouth or neck persisting for more than a week, arrange to have an oral cancer screening appointment with your dentist.

Smile Analysis

f you are not happy with your smile the following questions may help you to decide the right questions to ask in order to determine what could or should be done to get the look you want. Have a look at yourself smiling just slightly and giving a full smile.

  1. In a slight smile, with the teeth slightly parted, do the upper front teeth show?
  2. Are the two upper front teeth slightly longer than the two next to them?
  3. Are they too long?
  4. Are your front teeth even?
  5. Are they straight? As opposed to crooked, protruding or crowded?
  6. Are your teeth even in colour, or are they stained, discoloured or with brown or white patches?
  7. Is one tooth darker than the rest?
  8. Are the lower front teeth straight and even?
  9. In a full smile, showing the back teeth, are there any spaces, discolourations or unsightly fillings showing?
  10. Do the necks of the teeth show erosion or wear, a notch or V that can be seen or felt with a fingernail?
  11. Are the gums pink and neat against the teeth? (As opposed to red and swollen)
  12. Is your breath always fresh?